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Instructions for Conference Organizers

AcademicEvents is a platform for conference organizers to promote academic events. For further details about AcademicEvents, please click on the following button:

AcademicEvents serves as a vital platform for promoting scientific development and facilitating scholarly exchanges. The significance of holding academic conferences is mainly reflected in the following aspects:

Academic conferences provide opportunities for attendees to gain insights into the latest advancements and frontiers in their respective fields. Through keynote speeches, panel discussions, and presentations, participants can stay informed about the most recent developments and emerging trends.

The exchange of knowledge, innovative methodologies, and interdisciplinary discussions often lead to fruitful collaborations and novel research directions.

Presenting papers or posters allows scholars to receive valuable feedback, engage in meaningful discussions, and establish connections with peers who share similar research interests.

Organize Your Event
  • Step 1: Determine needs

    If you are planning to organize an academic conference, the first thing to think carefully about is what your attendees want out of your conference, as this will tell you what kind of services you need to receive and how to execute them.

  • Step 2: Estimate

    Conference organizers who need AcademicEvents platform help organize a conference or are interested in publishing their conference proceedings on Science Publishing Group, please submit an event proposal.

  • Step 3: Collaboration

    Once a partnership is established, we schedule publication and provide organizers with guidelines.

  • Step 4: Submission

    Authors submit their documents to the conference organizers. Accepted articles or abstracts are submitted to us by the organizers.

  • Step 5: Billing

    Once we receive all files, a final quote will be issued to the organizer based on the final number of articles or abstracts and number of pages

  • Step 6: Publication

    We will process all files around 4 to 8 weeks after payment is received. Please note that once the paper is published online, revisions are only allowed in cases of serious scientific errors.

Conference Publications

Five types of services for conference publications

Conference Proceedings, Special Issue, Journal, Abstract Book, Book.


Readers and authors are not charged for our services. Instead, we finance the maintenance of submission systems, manuscript production, and electronic tools for long-term archiving through the collection of publication fees from conference organizers.

For conferences in all disciplines

The information on this section relates to proceedings in all disciplines.

There are several steps to complete the publication of conference articles/abstracts:

Once the event proposal is approved, we will send the organizer a contract description and payment channel via email.

Upon successful payment of the fee, conference organizers may use our name/logo as their partner or exclusive conference publisher.

The organizer should collect and send us the full content of the article/abstract in a single editable word file format.

We will edit and publish it in 4-8 weeks.

Conference organizers can submit an event proposal after reading this page and related service information.

Submit an Event Proposal

If you have a conference coming up, choose Science Publishing Group to publish your conference papers, please download the proposal form and submit via email to

Provide the following information for the use of the conference organizer:

Full-text Template and Abstract Template for conference organizers to distribute to participants.

A Peer Review Guide for peer reviewers to use when evaluating each manuscript submitted.

An Author Style Guide for organizers to distribute to their attendees.


In addition to the services of organizing conferences and publishing conference articles/abstracts, we can also provide various sponsorship support such as conference awards, advertising campaigns, etc. If you are interested, please contact

Events Type

Whether you're a new organizer or an experienced professional, learn the basics of planning different types of events.

In-Person Events

In academic settings, in-person events typically include conferences, seminars, workshops, and academic lectures. Participants are required to be physically present at the event venue, where they can communicate with fellow experts, researchers, students, and professionals. These events serve as important platforms for sharing the latest research findings, discussing academic topics, establishing collaborations, and fostering interaction and growth within the academic community.

Virtual Events

In the academic domain, virtual events refer to online gatherings or activities that facilitate scholarly interactions, knowledge sharing, and collaboration through digital platforms. These events are designed to replicate the benefits of in-person academic conferences, seminars, workshops, and other scholarly gatherings in a virtual setting.

During virtual events in the academic realm, participants can engage in a range of activities such as attending live or pre-recorded presentations, joining panel discussions or Q&A sessions, presenting their research findings through video presentations or slideshows, and participating in virtual poster sessions. These events often utilize video conferencing tools, online collaboration platforms, and virtual event platforms to facilitate communication and interaction among attendees.

Virtual events in academia provide several advantages. They eliminate the need for travel and accommodation, making it easier for participants from diverse geographic locations to attend. Virtual events also offer greater flexibility in terms of scheduling, as sessions can be recorded and made available for on-demand viewing, allowing attendees to access content at their convenience. Additionally, virtual events may attract a larger and more diverse audience, as they can accommodate a greater number of participants compared to physical venues.


In the academic domain, webinars refer to online seminars or presentations that are conducted through web conferencing or video communication platforms. These web-based events are designed to disseminate knowledge, share research findings, and engage participants in interactive discussions.

Webinars in academia typically feature subject matter experts, scholars, or researchers who deliver presentations on specific topics of interest. Participants can join the webinar remotely from their computers or mobile devices, accessing the presentation and accompanying materials through a web-based interface. Webinars often include features such as live video streaming, slide presentations, chat functions, and interactive Q&A sessions.


Hybrid events offer a blended approach that combines in-person and virtual events. They provide flexibility, inclusivity, and increased access to academic gatherings, enabling a broader audience to participate, collaborate, and contribute to the scholarly community.

For questions about what events to create, please contact

FAQ for Conference Organizers

Can I publish Open Access?

Yes. All publications are Open Access.

What type of articles do you accept?

We accept original research papers, review papers and abstracts.

How much does publishing conference proceedings with SciencePG?

Prices vary by publication opportunities, please check the Conference Publications page or contact directly for a quote.

I haven't heard back since I submitted my proposal. When can I expect a response?

Normally within a week of submitting your proposal you will receive an email stating that your proposal has entered the review phase. If you do not receive it, you can check whether the email automatically enters the spam mail. Sometimes the review may be delayed, you can also contact directly via email to inquire about the progress.

Can I advertise my partnership with AcademicEvents?

After the event proposal is approved and the contract is signed, you can advertise your partnership with AcademicEvents on the conference website. However, you should not post any information about our platform until an agreement is reached.

AcademicEvents is a platform for conference organizers to promote academic events. For further details about AcademicEvents, please click on the following button: